Mining Services

“Sai Universal Mining Services.”

Mining Services

SUMS Group Mining Services

Mining is the extraction of valuable ores, minerals and other in efficiently and economically manner. This can be achieved by using efficient tools and services.

  • Identification of mineral prospects/deposits by conventional and technical methods.
  • Mine Planning & Designing.
  • Statuary documents for mining activities.
  • Preparation of Mining Plan/Scheme & Progressive & Final Mine Closure Plan for IBM approval.
  • Statuary Plans, Sections and returns to DDMS, IBM, Mines & Geology & Pollution Control Board.
  • Applications for Prospecting License (PL) & Mining Lease (ML).
  • Mine Evaluation.
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies.
  • Evaluation of Feasibility Reports.
  • Production Planning & Quality Control system development.
  • Slope Stability Studies.
  • Application for Explosive Magazine.
  • Undertaking of Shaft sinking, tunnelling and open cast workings.

To be world-class in Mining, Survey, Geology, Analytical & Environmental services.