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“Sai Universal Mining Services & SUMS Techno Labs Pvt. Ltd.”

Welcome to SUMS Group

“We started our journey as Sai Universal Mining Services (SUMS) to provide quality and value-added mining services and later on started SUMS Techno Labs to provide analytical and environmental monitoring services to our clients. Today we are group of companies under name of SUMS Group to provide all services to large scale to small scale mining companies and industries under one roof. We as SUMS Group create value to your clients and stakeholders with continuous thriving for improvement.”

SUMS Techno Labs Private Limited is first laboratory in India to produce CRM\RM’s in ores & minerals and coal accredited by NABL ISO:17034 and also accredited by NABL ISO/IEC 17025, recognized by MoEF & CC and DGMS Approved Laboratory for Personal Dust Sampling and analysis.

Today we contribute to India’s progress through landmark survey projects and high standard laboratory services which demonstrate far-reaching impact beyond the realm of mining.

As we foray into new divisions, we leverage insights of experience in the mining and laboratory business. These insights coupled with innovative technology lend us a distinct advantage in taking the challenges head-on. 

We inspire our self to make better tomorrow which drive us to deliver best to our clients. We use advance technology to increase efficiency and create value to our clients. In order to deliver the best services to the industry we have established an in-house laboratory under the name of SUMS Techno Labs Private Limited and it is NABL Accredited and MoEF & CC Recognized to provide analytical and environmental services. We are best known for all our services under single roof and around the clock support.



Mineral exploration aims to discover deposits of minerals and rocks that can be used to meet needs of society. It encompasses the search for industrial raw materials, ores from which metals are extracted, and gemstones, and includes the search for solid fuels. This process includes drilling, core logging, core boxing and core cutting/slitting.



Chemical analysis is determination of the chemical composition of samples of matter and also determination of proportions of metals, particularly metal, in ores and metallurgical products.

We provide chemical analysis in the field of ores and minerals, water, soil, solid fuels and ambient air.


Mining Plan

Mining Plan is collective work of different experienced professional in collection data through topographical survey, geological survey (reconnaissance, prospecting work) for preparation of report and plans to Government approval authorities. It is a plan proposal for mining on a mining site, including a description of the systematic activities to be used for the purpose of extracting minerals efficiently and conservatively.

Mine surveying is the practice of determining the relative positions on beneath the surface of the earth by direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction & elevation. This survey is carried out by using modern day technology such as Drone, Electronic Total Station (ETS), Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) and they are called Drone Survey, Total Station Survey, DGPS Survey and GPS Survey respectively.

Geological Plan shows the distribution of materials at or near the Earth’s surface. Rock types or unconsolidated materials are generally grouped into map units and depicted using different colours.

Environmental Clearance

Environmental Clearance

Environmental Clearance is the procedure to get clearance from the government for the installation and modification (amendment) of certain projects. It is mandatory for projects which can cause high environmental pollution. Indian Constitution made a list of those projects under EIA Notification, 2006. The main purpose behind Environmental Clearance is to assess the impact of the proposed project on environment and people, and to try to abate or minimize the impact of proposed project on environment and people. Post to Environmental Clearance, Environmental Monitoring is done.

Environmental Monitoring is done to manage and minimize the impact an organization’s activities have on an environment, either to ensure compliance with laws and regulations or to mitigate risks of harmful effects on the natural environment and protect the health of human beings.

Consent for Operation (CFO) and Consent for Establishment (CFE) and issued by respective pollution control boards. CFE is issued before stating of project construction and CFE is issued after the project construction completion and inspection.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

To manage and minimise the impact that you’re Mine/Plant has on the environment. We have to first need to be able to quantify it before deciding on an appropriate course of action. We provide detailed report for all the environmental parameter values around the mine/plant. It includes Ambient Air Monitoring, Noise Monitoring, Stack Monitoring, Soil Analysis and Water Analysis.

Personal / Work place monitoring play a major role in health and safety. When workers are exposed to air contaminants like Solvents, Gases, Vapours, Respirable particulates, Inhalable particulates, Total particulates, Respirable nuisance dust etc. at certain environmental conditions, they may cause adverse effect like allergy, nuisance, pulmonary problems etc. DGMS has stipulated standards for respirable dust and free silica content from mining activities. We are DGMS Approved Laboratory for Personal Dust Sampling and Free Silica Analysis.

Raising Contracts

Raising Contracts

Contract are entered between lease holder and other firm to carry out complete operation, maintenance and development of the mine.

SUMS Vision

Our Vision

SUMS Group committed to provide top notch quality, timely completion, high customer satisfaction through continuous learning and innovation.

SUMS Mission

Our Mission

  • Build a strong future with enhanced quality and support.
  • Adopt the latest technologies to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Innovation and continuous learning to deliver the services and product.
  • Responsible corporate citizen committed to the social cause.
SUMS Group

Core Values

  • Value Client Value Creation Delivering high quality & creating long term relationship by being responsive & relevant.
  • Integrity Integrity Being honest & inspiring trust, matching behaviours to our words & taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Respect Respect for the Individual Treating each person in a manner that reflects your and company values.
  • Leadership Leadership Building a better, strong and more durable company for future generations, protecting the SUMS Brand and developing our people.
SUMS Group

Health & Safety

At SUMS, we are strongly committed to employee well-being. Highest priorities is employee safety at project sites and workplaces. Integrating employee health and safety to our business success, we strive to make our workplaces accident-free.

Also, irrespective of the place and domain of our operations, SUMS is committed to conducting all its activities in a systematic and safe manner without harming the environment.

Our Strategic Sustainability

Leadership with Integrity

Leadership with Integrity

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Innovative Engineering


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Leadership Team

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