Survey Services

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Survey Services

SUMS Group Survey Services

Surveying is the technique of determining the relative position of different features on, above or beneath the surface of the earth by means of direct or indirect measurements and finally representing them on a sheet of paper known as plan or map.

Mine survey is the accurate measurement and recording of mine workings. They are critical to the design, planning and safety of surface and underground mining activities, which must be accurately represented on mine plans.

We also perform drone survey for quantity estimation, 3D Modelling and other

  • Topographic.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS.)
  • Digital Photogrammetry.
  • Boundary Pillar Survey.
  • Pit Depth Estimation using Total Station.
  • Underground correlation.
  • Subsidence.
  • Quantity Survey.
  • Statuary Survey.
  • Roads.
  • Pipeline.
  • Irrigation.
  • Tunnel.
  • Hydrographic.
  • Transmission line.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Drone Survey.

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