Ground Vibration Study

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Ground Vibration Study

SUMS Group Ground Vibration Study

Ground vibrations originating from blasting may cause damage to slopes, structures, temples, houses, buildings, bridges and underground workings in close proximity to a blast site. It is important to monitor and predict ground vibration levels induced by blasting and to take measures to reduce their hazardous effects.

Not all ground vibrations are dangerous, but some certainly are. Excessive ground vibrations from activities like blasting, underground drilling, pile driving etc. have the potential to cause damage to surrounding structures, human beings and animals. However, each piece of land has a threshold value until which it can sustain ground vibrations. Beyond this limit, it might either show cracks or in worst cases, collapse. To ensure all vibrations during any construction or excavation activity are within permissible limits, they have to be measured and monitored.

We Undertake ground vibration study.

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